Lunch in St. Barts

When we vacationed in St. Martin last month, we made a decision to also visit Anguilla and St. Barts since those islands/countries are 30-40 minutes from St. Martin. Each experience was quite different from each other. St. Martin was an international hub for those wishing to escape winter, Anguilla for those wishing to escape people, and St. Barts for those wishing to meet the rich and famous.

The ferry ride from Philipsburg to St. Barthelemy was very bumpy as the winds are notoriously strong during the winter months. Luckily my husband and I do not get sea sick and we had a lot of fun during the ferry ride. We were greeted by French officials, speaking only in French (of course) and taking delicate time to look at our passports.

Once permitted to enter the beautiful volcanic island, we took a look at the marina and were enchanted by the many restaurants, bistros, and shops. The first shop that we entered was Dolce & Gabbana and there he was, Domenico Dolce. The boutique was new and he stopped by to help decorate it. They asked us to join a fashion show and after party but we were there just for the afternoon and had to politely decline.

We visited a number of boutiques, had some fabulous lunch at La Cantina and walked around the mesmerizing marina. We also had amazing cappuccino at Le Repaire.

St. Barts is the French riviera of the Caribbean. The population there looked like they were mostly of European decent and while having lunch in La Cantina, I was taken back to my time in Paris. I enjoyed observing the French, their gestures and depth of conversion (they could have talked about plumbing, and we probably still would have enjoyed listening to them), the way they held their cigarettes in such an elegant way and the way they gazed at us. It was charming.


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